Which County Should You Marry In?

Some couples decide to get married in their hometowns because that’s where their friends and family are. However, if you live further afield, are from different places, or your loved ones are dotted all over the country then here are the advantages of each of the Starting Together counties to help you decide where to get married. Berkshire As one of the Home Counties, many Berkshire locations are less than an hour away from London, making them easily accessible for … Continue reading

Our Pick of Outdoor Wedding Venues

If you have your heart set on getting married in the great outdoors you may have already begun looking into it and realised it is not as simple as one might think. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland you cannot legally marry outside unless it’s under a permanent structure, like a pagoda or arch, and this must also be licenced. Here’s our pick of wedding venues with licences that allow couples to get married outside: Easthampstead Park Up to 110 … Continue reading

Should I hire a wedding planner?

Wedding planners are often seen as an unnecessary extra cost or something that only Americans use, but more and more engaged couples in the UK are turning to the experts to help organise their big days. Here’s why: Time saving Planning a wedding can quickly turn from fun and exciting to feeling like it’s a part time job and, quite frankly, a drag. In this day and age most couples both work full time and squeezing wedding planning into lunch … Continue reading

Real Life Wedding: Scott and Danielle’s non-traditional wedding

After a proposal fit for a romantic movie and a long engagement, Scott and Danielle made their vows to each other on their tenth anniversary. Danielle has let us in on their story: The Meeting I met Scott through an ex-boyfriend of mine, they WERE friends! Scott always seemed to be in the background. I left that boyfriend and then five months later my friend asked me to go out with her and told me we were meeting a couple … Continue reading

How to Create a Blockbuster Big Day

If you and your partner bonded over Bond, are batty about Batman, started out talking about Star Wars or share a passion for Love Actually, then why not incorporate your favourite film into your big day and create a wedding fit for Hollywood? Here are a few ideas to help bring the glamour of Tinseltown to your special day: James Bond If you are massive 007 fans then you could choose a Bond-esque car to transport you on your wedding … Continue reading

A step-by-step guide on how to time your big day

Months and months, years even in some cases, of preparation is about to come to a head on your wedding day so accurate timing is crucial to make sure not one minute of all that planning goes to waste. All your suppliers from the hair stylist and photographer, to the transport company and DJ – not to mention the venue – need to know the exact schedule for the day so that everybody is in the right place at the … Continue reading

Let’s hear it for the grooms this Valentine’s Day!

Want to get your guy more involved in the wedding planning process? Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get them excited about your big day! We’ve got a round-up of groom traditions from around the world, followed by links to some of our favourite suppliers ready to help your main man feel a million dollars when you say ‘I do’… Global Groom Traditions South America: Traditionally, couples serve one cake to guests, one to the groomsmen, and one to … Continue reading

2017 Wedding Trend: Getting Hygge With It

This year the Hygge trend shows no sign of slowing down, and we think it’s a brilliant concept to integrate into your wedding. After all, Hygge is the Danish art of building sanctuary, paying attention to what makes us feel happy, cosy and content so that we can focus on what’s most important. If you’d like to incorporate some Hygge inspired touches into your wedding, here are some simple (but Pinterest and Insta worthy) ideas, plus links to some brilliant … Continue reading

Real Weddings: Hiring a Personal Trainer

Thinking about working with a personal trainer to get you in shape for your wedding?  Zia Clarke enlisted Personal Trainer Emma Heathcote to put her through her paces and make sure she looked and felt fabulous on her big day in August 2016. Here’s our Q&A with Zia, in which she shares her experience of pre wedding workouts with a pro: Why did you look for a personal trainer for your Wedding? I had been a member of various gyms and generally … Continue reading

Time is of the essence: Top tips for big day planning

While you know that your wedding will be the best day of your life, the planning process can be overwhelming at times. With so much to think about, we understand that it’s hard not to let stress take over. So, here are some top timing tips from us to help you ensure that your big day remains fun filled and hiccup free. Book the Venue: Choosing the location for your special day is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make … Continue reading